Whats your name again?

This lesson will teach the kids how to connect more coding blocks on MakeCode. It will teach them how to use the LED's on the micro:bit to show icons and symbols

Teachers Notes

In the first part of the lesson the kids will need to display their name again using the micro:bit LED's but this time they will need to create each letter of their name using show led coding block. You may need to assist them when they plot the letters on the LED coding block

Open the MakeCode application

Click on the micro:bit icon on your toolbar or go to https://makecode.microbit.org/ on your browser.

Create your new program

Click on "New Project"

Click on the Basic (blue) category in the Toolbox

Drag the "show leds" block to the Workspace and drop it on the start code block.

In order to make the light come on you will need to select the block that you want to come on from the LED screen. If it is white, then the LED will come on.

Click on the LED's to write the first letter of your name.

Notice the LED screen on the simulator on the left hand side.

Drag another show led block and place it below the first block. Click the LED's to display the second letter of your name.

Continue to do the same by adding another show led block to complete your name.

Program flow

You will notice that the letters are displayed from top to bottom. This is how a program works. It will execute on code block at a time until it gets to the end.

Pair and download your code

Once you have added all the show led blocks and you have written your name, type in name2 in the program name field .

Pair your device and upload your code to your micro:bit as you did in lesson one. You will then see your name appear on the micro:bit

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