My name is?

This lesson will give the kids and introduction the MakeCode editor as well as allow them to code and run their first program

Open the MakeCode Editor

Ask the kids to on the micro:bit icon on your toolbar click on the link on the slideshow.

Click on "New Project". The MakeCode editor will appear

Quick tour of the MakeCode Editor

Explain to the kids about the MakeCode editor.

The MakeCode editor consists of the following components

  • Simulator - on the left side of the screen, you will see a virtual micro:bit that will show you what your program will look like running on a micro:bit. You can also press the buttons to see what your program will do

  • Toolbox - in the middle of the screen, there are a number of different categories, each containing a number of blocks that can be dragged into the programming workspace on the right. We will use this during the course. A block is like an instruction to tell the code or micro:bit what to do.

  • Workspace - on the right side of the screen, the grey area, is the Programming Workspace where you will create your program. Programs are constructed by snapping blocks from the Toolbox.

  • Download - You will use this button to download your code when you are ready to install it to your micro:bit

  • Program Name - This is the name that you will give your program.

Move the show number block to the Workspace. Show them how to drag and snap a block in place.

Move the Clear Screen block also and snap it to the forever loop.

Move the Clear Screen block out and show that that it is grey, this means that is it not part of the program

Delete the Clear Screen block tel them this is how you delete the block.

Write you first Program

Now lets write our first program

Click on the Basic (blue) category in the Toolbox

Drag the "show string" block to the Workspace. You will see that the block is grey which means that it is not in use.

Try to delete the "show string" block by dragging it back to the toolbar. As you drag it to the toolbar you will notice a bin icon will appear. Drag the block to the toolbar to delete it.

Now drag the "show string" block back to the workspace.

Drag the "show string" block to the "forever" block. Once it is dragged it will snap into the "forever" block. You will also notice on the Simulator (left hand side), the virtual micro:bit will show a scrolling hello

Now click on the "show string" block when it shows "hello" and type in your name.

Again you will see the virtual micro:bit show your name.

Type "name" in name field

Upload your code to your micro:bit

Click the pair device option from the menu and ask the kids to Pair their device.

Then press the Download button

You will now see the light flashing on the micro:bit. This means the code is uploading.

Once the code has completed, you will see your name scroll on your mirco:bit.

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