Traffic Signal

What will we do

This example uses three LEDs to make a model traffic light signal. You can use all red LEDs if you like, but its more realistic if you use red, yellow and green.

The LEDs cycle around in the sequence red, green, yellow and then back to red again

Parts List

You will need the following parts:

  • 1x micro:bit

  • 1x Micro B USB Cable

  • 1x Breadboard

  • 3x Jumper Wire

  • 1x Red LED

  • 1x Yellow LED

  • 1x Green LED

  • 3x Resistors

Wiring it up

To add the extra LEDs and resistors, wire them up as shown in the breadboard layout below.

Ensure that the LEDs are the right way around, with the longer positive leads (anodes) to the left.

Block Coding

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