Safety first!
This lesson will guide you on the do's and dont's of handling your micro:bit

The DO's

    Please handle your micro:bit by its edges.
The DONT's
    Do not place any metal objects across the micro:bit battery socket
    Do not place any metal objects on the circuits printed. It may damage the device and cause harm
    Do not leave your micro:bit plugged into any device when not being used.
    Do not use your micro:bit in water or with wet hands
    Please do not leave your micro:bit within reach of babies.
    Do not keep your micro:bit in a place where it is very hot or very cold
    Do not use portable chargers to power up your micro:bit like cellphone chargers
    Do not remove the battery attachment by pulling the wire. You must pinch the connector with your fingers to remove
    Do not use rechargeable batteries with your micro:bit
Last modified 1yr ago
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